Our Approach

How We Do It

Through step-by-step processes, Solutions In Mind helps clients learn how to consistently optimize their own performance and to replicate the excellence of others. We equip you to develop long-term and self-sustaining distinctions and improvements in your communication skills, giving you the ability to positively influence the behaviours and thoughts of yourself and others.

Imagine the benefits as you focus on Solutions In Mind’s three main points of difference from the competition. First, we have proprietary processes developed from proven methods and best practices in the fields of cognitive neuroscience, neuro-linguistics, psychology, and behavioural sciences. These methods focus on process rather than content, making them highly adaptive to meet a broad range of performance issues.

Second, Solutions In Mind has proven that it outperforms traditional methods of peak performance coaching, motivational techniques, and seminars that you have been exposed to in the past. We do so by providing a foundation of specific leading edge tools and a deep understanding of the neural pathways involved in perception, memory, and behaviour. We take these concepts and structure and deliver them in a simple, easy to understand fashion that can be immediately applied and built upon in order to maintain your competitive edge.

Our continued success is a direct result of our expertise in transferring skills to teams and executives, within the framework of our peak performance coaching and reinforcement model, leading to the consistent achievement of desired outcomes.

Third, Solutions In Mind is a team of seasoned experts who has built a reputation for providing the competitive edge in training and coaching, “the difference that makes the difference” in your ongoing success. We provide processes and procedures for rapidly and cost effectively capturing, replicating, and transferring any expertise, ability, or skill. At Solutions In Mind, we are reliable, knowledgeable, and committed to the task. Our passion and enthusiasm are contagious.

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