What We Do

Offering ways of changing limiting patterns of behaviour.

Solutions In Mind offers ways of changing limiting patterns of behaviour and enhancing those patterns that work in your favor. We utilize client-proven, reliable tools to build and deliver training services for management, sales, and marketing teams operating in highly competitive environments. Using these same cutting edge tools, we customize individual coaching programs for executives desiring that competitive advantage. We now bring these tools to the larger corporate environment.

Solutions In Mind builds mutually beneficial, dependable, long-lasting relationships with our clients, and helps them to make effective changes at a core level. We assist corporations and their teams to effectively define their goals and to reach them in a systematic manner. Solutions In Mind has already helped numerous top-performing corporate clients reach their goals and, in doing so, has earned a solid reputation for delivering consistent high quality results in the area of optimizing performance.

In working with Solutions In Mind, we help you to overcome short-term obstacles and, more important, to reproduce successful results and duplicate peak performance. We begin by identifying patterns of cognitive and behavioural excellence, and then distill them into simple processes that can be replicated by others. Working with us over time, these patterns are integrated into everyday thinking process and behaviours, thereby leading to enhanced functioning and performance.

We inspire and motivate, and we provide the elusive tools and unique processes that enable groups to consistently optimize the performance. Solutions In Mind gives you leading edge insights into how the brain works in order for you to influence behaviour. By providing you with a better understanding of how both you and your clients think, we help you excel personally and outperform your competition.

As a highly qualified, dynamic team of experts, Solutions In Mind uses the most current methods from the fields of neuro-linguistics, psychology, and behavioural sciences. We have distilled these techniques into a proprietary system of tools that are utilized to optimize performance. At Solutions In Mind, we believe that the performance of a company depends upon the performance of the individuals within it. Our goal, then, is to empower those individuals by assisting them in understanding and applying the most current techniques based on the science of peak performance.

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