Why You Need Us?

Our Competitive Edge

Solutions In Mind is the catalyst in organizational performance improvement, as we adapt our own proven proprietary methods and custom tools to your unique situation. What makes us different is our focus on process rather than content, and our application of a coaching and reinforcement model in order to produce behavioural changes and optimize training results. We understand and provide insights into how your customers think.

Process Versus Content

We know that how people think and process their thoughts and information is more important than the content of a situation. Operating at this process level allows us to work within any company to effect improved communication and to drive market share. It also helps you understand more fully what is currently working well within your company, and how to more consistently reproduce desirable results. Consider us to be the solution to your needs because we provide answers regarding how the brain perceives, processes and stores information as well as how specific beliefs, patterns of thought, and behaviours become installed. The bottom line is that we can help you influence perception, thinking patterns, and behaviour.


Emotional Intelligence

Over the past decade, we have come to understand that effective leaders all have one thing in common – a trait known as emotional intelligence. While it was once thought to be a nice bonus for business leaders to have emotional intelligence, it is now known that “EI” is a necessity in order for leaders to optimize their levels of performance. Furthermore, in order to enhance emotional intelligence, it is clear that organizations must change their typical approaches to training and must assist their employees to break old behavioural habits and establish new ones.


A Coaching Model

It has been proven that ongoing coaching and mentoring are effective in producing better performance, increasing job satisfaction, and decreasing turnover. That’s where Solutions In Mind comes in, because we use a reinforcement model structured around coaching and mentoring. We facilitate change and then operationalize those changes so that they will be maintained over the long-term. We believe that outstanding coaches and mentors focus on the process of how people think as well as what they think, resulting in the ability to influence behaviour, optimize performance, and enhance emotional intelligence.

Often one of our existing seminars or series of seminars will fit your current situation best. Alternatively, you may want us to tailor a highly customized training program that is adaptable to suit your changing needs. You may be one of those clients who has invested significant amounts of time and money in other programs that no longer suit your needs. Solutions In Mind provides additional value by evaluating these existing programs and adding specific custom modules designed to make them more suitable to your current situation. In this way, the value of your previous investment is enhanced with Solutions In Mind. When you think about it, this gives you the advantage of having the opportunity to choose our services that most suit your company and are advantageous in meeting your requirements.

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